Just got back from buying new clothes, and I'm not in tears!  I got new work pants, new shirts, and a new pair of jeans.  Tried on the size I wear now and the size I used to be... and the size I used to be fits.  The size I wear now fits a smidge better, so that's the size I went with, but... the size I used to be fits.  With a little effort on my part, the old size can be the current size.  I'm pretty excited about that.

Now I'm going to go make cheesy beefy nachos for dinner.  What?  ;-)

Happy Anniversary

I've been saving a little bit of each paycheck so we could do something for our first anniversary.  I figured it'd have to be something smallish - a trip to the coast, a REALLY nice meal, something like that. 

Well, today's our 7th anniversary of when we started dating, so we went out to lunch after I got off work, then to the dollar movies.  We were wandering around Gateway afterwards, and decided to price Wiis. 

Yeah.  We bought a Wii with the anniversary money, and then some.  Mike's preparing to set it up right now.  We're both a little flushed and disbelieving that we actually bought new electronics together.  I hope we're ready - it's a big step to take.

Maybe we should've had a baby first.  :)
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Gardening Score!!

Today Mike and I went and did garden stuff.  stellaria_media was getting rid of some strawberry plants, so we went looking for a strawberry pot.  It was harder than we really thought it ought to be to find one, but we finally found one of the big terracotta ones at Fred Meyer on sale for $20.  We bought some soil and some mint plants (chocolate mint and spearmint), because you can't plant strawberries without mint, and went on our way to get the plants.

When we got to their house to pick up the plants, we also became the proud recipients of some lemon sorrel.  We went ahead and planted them outside, figuring that everything but the mint has been subject to the weather's schizophrenia today and can take it - and if the mint can't take it, it's too big a wuss to be living next to the strawberries anyway. 

We're also the guardians of a brand new worm bin - one of the kinds with the stackable trays that make harvesting so much easier - until such time as Arthur is old enough to be interested in taking care of worms.  I'm pretty stoked.  I dumped the stuff that needed to dry out into the bottom tray, added some stuff from the current bin into the second tray, and will keep adding material from the old bin and new food into the top tray until we've got everyone transferred into the stackable bin.

And now for some pictures:

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Such a pretty day today.  I was scheduled to work, but didn't have anything scheduled until right at the last minute.  That kind of makes it rough - you can't really start any big chores, because you might get called away at any minute... but just sitting and waiting feels pretty pointless.  I did get the cucumbers and basil planted into slightly bigger pots so that I could free up my greenhouse.

After I got home, I decided to re-harvest my first round of vermicompost.  I'd originally harvested it from the worm bin back on October, but it was super wet.  I'd hoped to dry it out a bit before the rain started, but... well, I didn't.  It's been sitting outside in a big shallow flower pot, loosely covered with a tarp.  I went to go grab some compost out of it the other day, and I apparently missed some worms or worm eggs when I harvested, because that pot is just full of fat healthy worms, crawling around in (still) super wet compost.  Today I dumped out the pot, and it's so wet that I just wound up breaking up the big chunks and putting it back in the pot with a bunch of newspaper to absorb the extra moisture.  It's sitting out there uncovered right now... just in time for the next round of rain.  :(

Mike's supposed to be building me a low bench (or a not so low bench) to put up against the fence for the pots to rest on, so that they don't just sit on the damp ground and rot.  I hope that we'll be able to get stuff outside pretty soon.

Six Things

There's a Six Things That Make Me Happy meme going around.  I haven't been tagged, but I've seen it on Trisha's and Woz's blogs and I thought, "Hey, the world needs to think about what makes them happy.  I'll jump on this meme-wagon."  So, here's mine:

1.  Sharing a really good laugh with Mike.  And not just because he laughs like a Muppet, either.

2.  When a baby decides that they'd really like for me to hold them.  Bonus if the parents are in the middle of saying, "Oh, Baby's shy, Baby doesn't usually go to strangers" when the baby makes the decision.

3.  When a baby falls asleep in my arms, with their warm little head on my shoulder.

4.  Sleep.  Long, restful sleep.

5.  Getting absorbed in a really nice bass groove on Rock Band.  I loves me some Rock Band.

6.  Snuggling into a warm bed with Mike at the end of a long, cold day.

I think that I'm supposed to tag people, but screw that.  Share if you'd like to.

That Was Fast

On Friday, I planted 2 kinds of lettuce, cucumbers, and basil in the tiny little peat-plug greenhouse we bought.  Today, more than half of the lettuce has poked its itty bitty green heads out (my grammar grows confused), and it looks like a basil plant is working its way up.  Yay!

Shhh.. The Babies Are Sleeping...

Mike and I went and did stuff today.  We started the day with breakfast burritoes from Burrito Boy, because it's been a really long time.

Then we went out to BRING to see if they had containers for the garden - no dice, unless you count the sinks, but since they were $25, I don't.  We did see a lavendar bathtub, then found the matching sink and toilet.  It was a little different.

From there we took off to the Grey's nursery in Springfield, and I've got to say, that's the friendliest nursery I've been in EVER.  The Down to Earth by my house always intimidates me, and the other Grey's is friendly, but in a standoffish, "I hope you know what you want, because I'm not going to offer to help you unless you ask me to" kind of way.  The nice lady at the Grey's we went to met us at the door and immediatly had tons of great advice on container gardening - which plants would do best, which ones she's never had luck with, the best way to set up a drip system, what to grow from seeds, what to grow from starts (and when the starts we wanted were expected to arrive).  It was great.  We didn't buy anything there, but we're going back later for other stuff.  We figured we'd take a closer look at what we already had and work out a plan for how the garden would come together before we committed to anything.

Then we went to Bi-Mart, where we did buy stuff - we got some seeds and one of those little greenhouses with peat pellets in it, all on sale. 

And then we were off to the Knit Shop to drop off some business cards and brochures from Footloose.  Hey, I'm a crafter, I know how knitters hurt - I can do help-things for them.

Once we got home, we rearranged the living room so that we could put the greenhouse by the south-facing window.  I took out some of the pellets, because there were 36 of them and I'm not going to start that much stuff in the house right now.  I gave them a good soak, and now there are 2 kinds of lettuce, some lemon cucumbers, and Italian basil germinating in their happy little greenhouse.  All I can say is, lettuce seeds are tiny.  OMG. 

I think we might go ahead and plant some peas and radishes outside this weekend, if the weather holds.  I need to amend the old potting soil from our last attempt at gardening with some worm castings to make it nice and nutritious for the plants.  I'm so excited, it's a little ridiculous.

Thoughts of Salads to Come....

The past few pretty days have me thinking about the garden and when to start it.  Taylor gave us some very good advice (and I think that, between me and Mike, we remember most of it), so I'm feeling pretty confident that we'll be able to grow something edible this year. 

I'm beginning to wonder if it's too early to start thinking about lettuce and radishes - both plants that grow well when it's cool.  According to the forecast, the low temps are above freezing for at least the next week... and as Taylor pointed out, it's a container garden.  We can move the containers inside if it gets too cold outside.  (Sometimes the obvious, she needs explainin'.)

Also on the menu for this year's garden are tomatoes and basil - and no, I don't eat tomatoes, but Mike does, and I do like tomato sauce.  It's just the texture that makes me urk in my mouth a little, I think.  Anyway, we're also thinking about putting a strawberry pot out by the front door, though we're a little concerned that our neighbors will abscond with our berries.  Also, a big ol' poppy grows right where I want to put the pot.  So we might wind up putting the strawberries (and their mint companions) in the backyard with the rest of the plants.  We're thinking about planting some pole beans, spinach, celery, and lemon cucumbers, and a pot with some of the herbs we use a lot.  We're considering squash, but we aren't really sure what type of squash we like enough to eat at every meal all through whatever season we'd be harvesting squash in.

I'm trying to get tomorrow off so that I can have a little bit of a breather, and I think that I might see if Mike wants to go out to BRING to check out different types of containers.  Maybe I'll even see if I can't drag him out to the nursery.  Maybe we'll get ambitious and try to rearrange the living room so that I can put seeds by the sunny window and get started.

So... that's my thoughts today.

Valentine's Day

Hey guys, are you trying to decide on what to get your sweetie for V-Day?  How about a couple's foot massage at Footloose?  Most treatments can be done with one therapist to a couple.  I'll be there V-Day afternoon, and apparently we're also going to be open the next day, which is a Sunday.  I'll be there then, too.

Any schmuck can bring her flowers.  Only you can (yes, I'm going to say it) nurture her sole.  :)